Custom Design

Creating beautiful, one of a kind jewelry should be a cherished memory. We strive to not only create the perfect jewel of your dreams, but ensure the entire experience is a memorable one.

Custom Jewelry the Right Way

We specialize in custom design jewelry. Over 95% of the jewelry in our Southlake store is made by us in our local workshop. Custom engagement rings, pendants, bracelets… We can make almost anything you can imagine! Follow our Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration!

As Perfectly as Humanly Possible

Each Pieter Andries jewel is built one by one from the raw materials up. Nothing is mass produced. We build our jewels the old fashioned way; the right way.

Using traditional goldsmithing techniques with the industry’s latest technology, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful jewels as perfectly as humanly possible. All manufacturing is completed locally in our Southlake, Texas workshop.

We maintain full quality control with no outsourcing or middlemen. Rest assured your beloved jewel never leaves the building!

How Does It Work?

Our custom design process is a collaborative effort: your ideas and inspiration, coupled with our jewelry making expertise.

First, we determine your design and what gemstones you would like to use. We have an incredible on-hand inventory of beautiful diamonds, but also a wide selection of rare and beautiful gemstones like sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnet, tanzanite, and more. Or you can bring your own!

We then use our sophisticated gem take-in software for a full 360 view of that gem. It enables us to see the exact measurements of gemstones to build around. Our CAD design experts then upload your stone into the software, and build your ring from the ground up. Whether you choose one of our gems or bring your own, we build the perfect ring for it.

With You Every Step of the Way

Throughout the process, you are kept up to date with high quality renders to show you what the design will look like. If you’d prefer, we can also present wax and 3D models of your jewel that you can physically feel and try on before we finish the piece.

How Much is It?

As a member of the American Gem Society, we are committed to transparency and protecting and educating our customers.

We can show you how we arrive at the final price broken down with components like metal, labor, diamonds, gemstones and setting. Then, you can determine for yourself where you can adjust the design to fit your price point.

Value is guaranteed.

Typically, we can complete a project in 7-10 business days upon design approval!

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