Knowledge, reassurance, and verification within the highest ethical standards

Each diamond is selected one by one and has been verified for the following:
  • Earth Mined
  • Origination and Legal Sourcing
  • Accurate Color and Clarity Grading
  • Ultimate Beauty and Light Performance
  • Value Exceeding Price

When Price Matters

You can choose
Price is the sum of all of the components chosen by you. Components include the size of the center diamond or gemstone, the rarity of color and clarity, and the type of metal to be used – platinum, gold, or silver. Labor for one-of-a-kind, made in-house gives endless choices. The business model, “total vertical integration,” ensures our competitiveness and allows the freedom to create any composition within your comfort zone.

When Value Matters

There are no compromises
The beauty of our jewelry exudes the Pieter Andries culture with commitment by all employees for perfection and truthfulness. Worldwide, Pieter Andries has a reputation to find and acquire the rarest and most unique gemstones and diamonds nature has to offer. In the pursuit of perfection, all gemstones and diamonds sourced closest to the mines will be cut or recut to the Pieter Andries standard of cutting that gives the gem the ultimate beauty and value.